Hey there, I'm Kostas!

Your friendly neighborhood programmer & data scientist

I love Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence !

Web Dev is insanely cool

Sometimes I play with IoT and mini-computers.

I like International Relations, European Affairs, and Economics

I love Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence !

I'm occasionally working as a freelancer (Upwork profile) and now I'm also attending the MSc in Data Science from the International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece to solidify my experience with proper theoretical foundations.

Web Dev is insanely cool

I develop a lot. Be it with Flask, Django, Dash for the backend, or with JavaScript, jQuery, React for the frontend, Bootstrap, Materialize, jQueryUI for the pretty colors... I love 'em all!

Sometimes I play with IoT and mini-computers.

Anything can be done, but home automation is the coolest! Your imagination is the limit ;)

I also like International Relations and Economics

I got my BA in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. I particularly love Economics & Econometrics, Simulations, and Strategic Studies.

  • money_offVolunteering

    I like to help people learn. I organized a local meetup with university students from various disciples to teach others about their subjects (e.g. science, history, economics). I also present at schools (e.g. E.U. Code Week, seminars, etc). Also helped organize and prepare local & regional school chess championships. Ηelped with Chair UNESCO work, anything from English<->Greek translations of legal documents to research on country compliance to international regulations on human and children rights.

    If you're a non-profit, now that I also know programming I can help with more stuff (e.g. website, data analysis & visualization).
    Send me a message, I'll make time :)

  • paletteHobbies

    I enjoy the occasional game of chess, sketching (for work designs and relaxation), taking long strolls. I also like games, books, and my bicycle.

  • laptop_windowsOpen-source

    I'm a big fan of open-source. If you're doing (partially or fully) open-source work, and want to hire me, I'll be more than glad to help and throw in a discount. sentiment_very_satisfied

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